I’m not moving, but I did move arrakis to a new case.  I managed to snag a great deal on a Rosewill LSV-L4000 off of craigslist this weekend with the intention of migrating everything over.  The LSV-L4000 isn’t the Norco RPC-4220 that I’ve had my eyes on for the past year, but at a tenth of the cost, I won’t argue.  🙂

I plan on picking up a 5.25″ -> 3.5″ 4-in-3 bay converter so I can migrate over the array on demon-xanth and have everything in one central location.  I’ll eventually replace the Antec (pretty sure it’s an Antec) power supply with a modular Corsair so I can clean up the case a little bit.  Right now, I have the extra cables tied together with a velcro strap and the SATA cables zip tied together.  It’s not a mess, but it could be cleaner.

If I had the funds, I’d love to get my hands on a Highpoint or Adaptec SAS card, that would improve performance and really cut down on the amount of cables I have going around.  If I ever snag that 4220, I’ll have to pick one up.  That’s for another day though.

Loading up the new case was a chore.  I had to move it a few times, and at 49.0 lbs (thank you bathroom scale!), it’s not exactly light.   The first time I pulled it down was because one of the fans was “clicking”  I found a stray cable was in the center fan rack, so I had to clean that up.  I pulled it down again this morning after I found my stash of right-angle SATA cables.   So that’s ~5 times I’ve moved it now.  Ugh.

At the same time that I found my SATA cable stash, I found a firewire bracket and discovered an additional port on the motherboard.  That means my plans of installing my old SoundBlaster card for an additional firewire port aren’t needed.  For the curious, the firewire is used for my MythTV input.  When I move the additional drives over, I’ll be able to retire the slave backend services and use my desktop as a proper desktop.

~ by praetor on April 9, 2012.

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