What’s in a name?

This is a follow-up, of sorts, to an older post detailing my naming conventions.

  • The Demon X(A/N)th is still in operation, but not in a server capacity.   It serves as my sole desktop and occasional gaming computer now.
  • Arrakis has replaced Yggrasil and MaryJane (as detailed here).  It serves as a MythTV backend, file server, PXE server, VM server, Asterisk server and logging server.
  • Genosha has replaced Númenor.  This is a MythTV HD frontend that serves up music, provides a backup service for my primary server, Arrakis.
  • Weapon-X has replaced Atlantis.  This is also a MythTV HD frontend and is actually the most used frontend.  It’s a Mini ITX board in an industrial Mini ITX case that works perfect as a small frontend.
  • Gotham is a NSLUG2 that is in the process of being retired. It has provided SNMP monitoring. This runs Debian.
  • Bespin is replacing Gotham.  In addition to cleaning up SNMP monitoring, I have it running Samba for the occasional Windows use.  Next up is setting it up as a mail-server for the entire house.  Depending on the day, Bespin either runs Arch linux or Debian.  I’m getting used to Arch and leave it there most of the time now.
  • Prometheus is my wife’s laptop.  Still in use from before. This is now running Ubuntu.
  • Methusela is still alive, I managed to pick up a docking station for it from Goodwill.  I’ve opted to go for Debian as it’s easier to maintain on that machine.  This was also my first, full-time install of Debian.
  • Kashyyyk is my PowerEdge 1650 that I’m still toying with.

~ by praetor on March 14, 2012.

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