Power overwhelming

This weekend, I finally got around to picking up a server-grade UPS.  At least, it’s a UPS that’s intended for a rackmount.  Right now though, I’m debating on whether or not I was taken for my money.

I bought an APC Smart-UPS SU700RMNET, a 3U battery back up off of craigslist.  The guy claimed to have never used it and bought it second hand himself and that the batteries were dead.  I plugged it in this morning and heard it power on and saw a light pop on for a second on the back then nothing.  I grabbed my handy-dandy multimeter and tested the outlets, but no joy.

Thankfully, it’s fairly simple to take apart. When I did, I connected my probes to the connection right off the plug to confirm I had steady power there and I do.  When I checked from the motherboard leads out to the outlets, nothing.  In reading the manual, it’s not supposed to turn on without batteries for safety and the batteries may have sat for a very, very long time. And, to his credit, he did specifically state it needed new batteries.  In checking the batteries though, they are putting off 10 VDC.  I’ll wait until I pick up a new pack this weekend before I worry.


(The title is a quote from StarCraft.)

~ by praetor on March 5, 2012.

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