After reading a lot of good things about people running linux on the Pogoplug, I decided to pick one up off of eBay.  I settled on the Pogoplug Pro since I was able to get it at a low price (US$25), it had wifi and a dual core processor.

I had intended this to act as a replacement and upgrade from my aging NSLU2 (Slug) that I had monitoring my primary UPS and other trivial tasks.  My goal was to replicate the same tasks as well as move my Asterisk and create an LDAP+mail server.  The slug has worked flawlessly for me over the past few years, I just wanted something with more USB ports, more power and gigabit.  Aside from my cable modem and my (fake) PAP2, every wired piece of equipment I have is gig rated.

Unfortunately, my plan on installing Debian didn’t work out as well as I intended.  The Pro version is using the OXNAS SOC/chipset, rather than the more prevelant Kirkwood platform and there isn’t a real Debian installer like I found with my slug.  Instead, Arch Linux has taken the lead on this.

I’m honestly not that familiar with Arch, I’ve read a bit about it on Wikipedia, but that’s it.  I tend to stick with Gentoo on x86/amd64 or Debian on ARM.

The install guide is well written and includes detailed instructions on how to recover from a stupid move. Their main wiki has proved very helpful so far.  Particularly, I’ve referenced pacman, AUR and the makepkg multiple times.  Their user repository is also helpful for tracking packages down that aren’t in the main repository.

However, I did have a few issues in trying to get Asterisk to run.  The Asterisk server would run then just completely die.  I managed to get it to run, but it took several re-installs before that occurred.  I believe the problem was in the fact that I didn’t have all of my packages updated on the initial installs like I thought I had.  Now, all I have to do is correct my config files to get it talking properly.

Because OXNAS support apparently hasn’t landed in the mainline kernel, I’m stuck using a custom 2.6.31 kernel.

I am trying to get Debian loaded on it, but I haven’t had much luck thus far.  I’ve downloaded the image, followed the instructions, but the damn thing never connects to the network.  I haven’t tried seeing if I can get serial access yet and I don’t have a USB monitor to see what it’s doing.

At the end of the day, I have this to say about the whole thing:  Arch is okay, but not something I’m familiar enough with right now or really have an interest in getting all that familiar with.  Had I known in advance that this iteration would be such a pain and not completely supported by Debian, I would have picked up one of the pink models instead.  I am thoroughly impressed with the work the Arch devs have done thus far to get their distro running and I’ll continue using it and learning about it in order to accomplish my evil needs.  🙂



~ by praetor on January 31, 2012.

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