Falling to the dark side

As much fun as it would be, this isn’t a post about Star Wars.  Maybe later…

The dark side, in this instance, is KDE.  I’ve used Gnome as my desktop environment for years now.  Before that, it was Openbox.   With the Gnome team’s great leap forward, I’ve decided the time is right to jump ship.

I’ll be honest, I was happy with Gnome 2.32.  Everything worked to my satisfaction. And while it’s true, I could have blocked the packages in Gentoo to remain on 2.32, it would only have been temporary.  The Gentoo team can’t continue to support old/legacy packages if there isn’t any support upstream.  I get that.   I made an honest effort to run 3.2 for a good month.  The fallback mode is good, the new shell is “okay.”  Even with the add-ons, it’s just not what I want.  I am sincerely disappointed in it.

I’d love to go back to using Openbox completely, but I need to keep options open for the rest of the family that uses the computer.  I feel lucky enough to have a wife that allowed me to move her laptop over to linux and that’s all she uses now.  My goal is to find something familiar enough for her that I won’t get my rear in trouble.

Thus, the switch to KDE.  I’ve read the reports of Gnome detractors claiming that the environment had been dumbed down and options removed or hidden.  I didn’t put much thought into it because for me, everything just worked.  Now into KDE, it sure seems like there are a ton more options available to me that weren’t before.

So far, it’s working out well.  The wife is apparently happy.  I’ll probably switch back to Openbox for my login, I’ve missed it.

~ by praetor on December 20, 2011.

One Response to “Falling to the dark side”

  1. eah, same situation here. Kde is not so bad after all

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