CrystalHD on Gentoo (again)

I’ve updated my ebuild for the CrystalHD card to reflect not only updates upstream but what I’ve learned through reading sources and other bug reports.

Given I’ve just been creating snapshots from particular days, I had originally opted to use a date-based scheme for the ebuilds.  I read through a bug report (here) that shows how upstream is referencing the version.  That makes sense.

Since the big focus is to get the library and firmware into the tree, I opted to move and rename the library to x11-libs/libcrystalhd.  My reasoning is the module is already in the kernel sources and can be compiled from there.  What other programs will be looking for is the library to compile against.  So, from crystalhd to libcrystalhd it is.   The ebuild still optionally installs the kernel module, which is still my preferred method.

~ by praetor on April 7, 2011.

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