Waiting games

Nothing like waiting 24+ hours for a RAID5 array to finish growing.  Thankfully, the array is still accessible while it’s growing.  That won’t hold true when the file system itself is expanded, but I don’t think that will be take as long.

My biggest fear is a power outage while it’s growing.  My UPS has been acting up lately and shutting down on its own.  I think it’s the batteries, but I’m not sure yet.  So for now, I’m living life dangerously.  Thankfully, the weather is mild without worry of high winds or anything that should take out the power.

Adding the new drives has brought to light my need for a proper case for my server.  At present, I’m using a 10? year old Antec tower.  It’s fantastic and roomy, but as I’m expanding my storage space, it’s becoming too small.  It feels odd to say that since it’s one of the largest cases I’ve ever owned.  So, now I’m looking at a new case.  The one that has caught my eye is the Norco RPC-4220. At 20 hot swappable ports, it has plenty of room to grow.  I’d be able to move my Myth recording array over and actually eliminate an always-on machine at the same time.

Before that though, I probably should get my UPS looked at.  I doubt that they’re meant to be user-serviceable, aside from replacing the batteries, but I’m going to give it a try.

~ by praetor on March 10, 2011.

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