Okay, NOW I'm done

I’ve made my final tweak to the mythtv-0.24 ebuild and posted it on bugzilla.  I swear, I’m done this time. 🙂

I missed a few things on installing and re-installing on existing builds.  Uninstalling everything isn’t exactly the same as installing on a clean system.  Hell, even in my chroot, I almost missed a warning about yasm because it wasn’t tagged as an error or warning.

I did leave in a USE flag supporting ASS/SSA subtitles. This comes in handy for ripped anime. While it isn’t as good as mplayer’s support, at least it’s better than nothing.  Real support is supposed to come in 0.25 with an ffmpeg refresh.  Until then, this works for me.

The version info has been changed too.  Technically, I think that it should display something along the lines of “commit-dirty”, indicating it has been patched outside of git.  I felt it was more appropriate to tag it as “commit-gentoo”.  Either way, it’s showing that it isn’t a vanilla build.

I tested my eclass with a 0.25_pre build, and it appears to build correctly in the chroot.  I don’t know if I’m ready to move my network up to it just yet though.  So far, I haven’t seen a commit has a “must have” quality just yet.

~ by praetor on December 27, 2010.

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