MythTV and Gentoo

I think I may have gone a bit overboard.  I have either commited or commented on 12 bugs in the Gentoo bugzilla dealing with the 0.24 version bump.    You can find most of them here.

I haven’t requested bumps on everything, because most are the same as the original ebuild with only a single line added to reflect the commit that is needed.

I modified the eclass so it looks for the MYTH_COMMIT found in each ebuild and downloads a snapshot of that commit from GitHub.  The Myth developers have moved the plugins to the main tree.  As far as I can see, there isn’t an option to only download the plugins vs the entire tree.  I’ll admit though, that I haven’t looked that hard.  I’ll be looking into it this week.  If this is possible, then that will reduce the required download size and keep our distfiles directory smaller.

As it is, while it’s possible to keep seperate versions of myth-core and myth-plugins, the snapshot includes both.  That means a 67 MB download for each seperate revision vs 35 MB for core and 38 MB for plugins.

The individual ebuilds are named after the date the commit was made with the MYTH_COMMIT line in each ebuild specifying exactly which commit we want.  I believe only the first 8 characters are required, but since the entire commit line is significantly longer, I use that and just truncate it later.

I’ve tested it on each of my 4 machines on several revisions and it “Works for me” (TM).  On the bug report, it appears someone may be getting errors when downloading from an https server, so I think it would be prudent to modify the ebuild to try pulling from http.  I prefer dealing with https, but whatever works for the masses is what will be committed.  🙂

I’m hoping my versions work for everyone else and we can get 0.24 into the mainline tree as soon as possible.


Wow, comparing what I did compared to what Kormoc wrote here, I’m pretty ashamed of my version of the eclass.   I’m going to give that a whirl tonight.


After looking at it closer, this only supports Myth core and plugins.  It doesn’t do anything for the extra myththemes or mythweb.  The themes aren’t such a big problem, because upstream has implemented a theme-browser and downloader within the application.  Mythweb doesn’t necessarily need to be part of the ebuild.  It could be self-reliant, but why duplicate work?

I’ve updated, tested and uploaded my versions to the bugzilla reflecting some last changes to my versions.

I’m pretty sure I’m done tweaking everything for now.  I do have a different version of mythtv-plugins.eclass running than what I uploaded, but the only difference is that I’ve made comments on things I didn’t understand and removed anything lower than 0.23.

The only change that I can see myself making to the ebuild is if upstream completely implements an SVN revision to GIT commit forward.  That would allow the new eclass to support the legacy ebuilds.  Until that happens, I’m done.  🙂

~ by praetor on December 20, 2010.

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