crystalhd on Gentoo

I made an ebuild for the crystalhd drivers for use on Gentoo.  Everywhere I’ve read, people are recommending that users compile and install the source from the zip provided by Broadcom.  Don’t get me wrong, that’s what needs to be done.  But I prefer to keep things inside of the package manager whenever possible.

While I don’t have a card (yet), the ebuild does install things normally.  MythTV found the libraries and compiled normally, so I’m not expecting any issues when I install the card.

I’m not sure which is preferred, to use the in-kernel modules or the ones provided upstream, so the ebuild offers the driver as a module.  The libraries and firmware are not optional as they are required to use the card.

The ebuild can be found here.  Comments and useful critiques are welcome.

I probably should update this to say that I recieved the card and had to update the ebuild to install a udev rule.  The only issue I have with the card is that it isn’t recognized on a warm reset. I have to shutdown then power up again.  Weird, but whatever.  Here’s hoping it gets accepted into the tree.

~ by praetor on November 11, 2010.

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