Rediscovering the library

I grew up visiting the library on a regular basis.  To me, it was always an adventure.  What new book will I discover today?

There were three branches of the local system that we would rotate through.  All accessible by bus, but the newer of the three took much more time to reach.

After I returned from college, the apartment I chose was far from a library.  It wasn’t by choice, it just happened that way.  As such, my visits were far and few between.  This isn’t to say that I stopped reading, I just stopped going to the library.  In this space, my own collection grew thanks to and the Borders a few miles down the street.

When the city decided to open a new library that was significantly closer, I was excited.  Not only would I have a free resource for books, but I would be able to share my joy of the library with my children.

I’m back to hitting up the library once a week looking for new adventures.  The kids are enjoying it as well.  My son has surprisingly found an interest in non-fiction books.  My daughter is just happy to have something to look at.   I haven’t updated my list in a little while, but I’ll be throwing up some brief reviews of some of the books I’ve read.  If nothing else, it will help me remember what it was about and whether or not it warrants a re-read in the future.

~ by praetor on July 8, 2010.

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