Room to grow

Today is the day that a few systems get upgraded. Last night, I added another drive to the media server and let it reshape the array to fit. Sometime around 4p, it should be done. I was cutting it close with only 97 GB remaining. Oops.
It doesn’t help that the only way that I can watch a bluray disc under linux is to rip the movie. MakeMKV does have an option to decrypt and stream the disc on the fly, but I haven’t had much luck in writing a script to do so automatically for Myth. If I can get that done, then disc space won’t be a problem anymore.

The other upgrade I’ve got going on is a simple CPU swap. I’m going from a dual-core Athlon to a quad-core Phenom. That should smooth out the lingering issues I have playing some 1080p content on the upstairs front end.

~ by praetor on May 27, 2010.

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