My wife and I have a loose arrangement regarding the chores around the house.  I do the laundry and split the dishes with her.  She occasionally makes the bed, vacuums the carpet and cleans the bathrooms whenever someone comes over.

I’m not kidding about the last.  Getting my wife to willingly and regularly clean either bathroom is horribly difficult.  She makes a mad rush whenever she discovers we are about to have company, but that’s about it.  I think in the entire time we have been living in this house, she’s only done it once without reason.

This isn’t to say that I jump up and do it on a daily basis, but I’ve scrubbed and cleaned the bathtubs and toilet without an outside cause more frequently than she has.  No question, it’s a dirty job.  Especially when you factor in a little boy that can’t seem to figure out how to use the [expletive deleted] toilet.

Onto the dishes.  When I was single, I actually enjoyed doing the dishes by hand.  It gave me time to focus my mind and ignore everything else.  I regularly derided people who used the dishwasher.  When I met Meg, that changed.  I don’t think I’ve washed an entire load of dishes by hand in years.  The occasional single plate, pot or pan sure.  All we have to do is clear and load the dishwasher.  This is what we politely refer to as “doing the dishes”.   My wife hates doing this.  It takes a whopping 10 minutes TOPS to do this.  Considerably less time than what it would take to actually do the dishes.  Yet, she’ll let them pile up in the sink for days if I let her.

I can’t stand dishes in my sink.  So, I’ll go along and load the dishwasher for her.  And keep loading it until it’s full.  In this manner, I generally end up “doing the dishes” far more frequently than she does.

As for the laundry, I still have issues letting someone else touch my dirty underwear.  It’s weird, but so am I.

I say all of this because we have been together for 7 years now.  I still love the woman I met and eventually married.  Despite our quirks and differences, we have fun together and this just works.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

~ by praetor on April 25, 2010.

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