It goes kablooey

This has been a rough two weeks for the equipment in my house.

Two Fridays previous, my battery backup supporting my HTPC, TV and surrounding equipment went belly up.  Thankfully, the wonderful folks over at APC are replacing it under warranty.  Even with nothing connected, if the unit is powered up for more than 5 minutes, the overload light starts blinking and it screeches like a banshee.  Gotta love warranties and companies that support their products so well.

Today, my microwave decided it was done.  I’ve had issues recently with the lights underneath it not working, so I finally got around to looking at it.  I saw a warning underneath that said the unit needs to be unplugged to change the bulbs.  Oops.  Never saw that one before.  So, I unplugged it, installed the bulb.

Unfortunately, it didn’t power back up.

Naturally, I’m blaming myself because I was messing with it.  I’m hoping that it’s something simple like the fuse blew, but I can’t easily get to that fuse.  I might have to pull the unit out entirely to get to it, but I’m not sure.   If I bend a few pieces, I know I can get to it without problem, but I’m pretty sure that’s not recommended.

Not that it’s in warranty anyway.  The microwave was original to the house, so it’s ~4 years old. We’ve been here 18 months.  I just found the registration card in the drawer where the original owners left it.  I’m not really sure how this one is going to play out.


Just found out that the microwave only had a 1 year warranty anyway.  SO registering it would have been useless anyway.

The thermal fuse didn’t work.  There’s one more fuse that we can check, but it still involves removing the entire damn unit.  I have no idea how I’m going to pull that off just yet.

~ by praetor on April 11, 2010.

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