xf86-video-ati and you

After several months of fighting with the OSS drivers for my HD 3200 and HD 3300 IGP in my HTPC frontends, I finally had a major breakthrough.   The microcode, the little binary blob that actually tells the card what to do, was never built and never included in any of the builds I’ve been using.

To be fair, in all of the months I’ve been fighting this, I haven’t seen anyone mention that they were using or installing this ucode.  Not one person. On my most recent trial of the 2.6.33_rc7 kernel, I noticed it hanging for an extraordinarily long time when I had KMS enabled.   This was something new, so I looked through my dmesg and found a message stating that it couldn’t find R600_rlc.bin

A quick google led me to this link where I found the code and put it in /lib/firmware/radeon.  Then, on a random whim, I performed an eix query for radeon and found x11-drivers/radeon-ucode provided by the X11 overlay.

I have no idea how long it’s been there, but it’s there now.  I emerged it, dealt with the collision warnings since I had already downloaded the firmware there, tweaked my .config and voila.  KMS with HDMI audio using xf86-video-ati.

Why use the ebuild since I already had it installed manually?  Whenever possible, I try to use Gentoo’s package manager to keep things updated and sorted properly.  Even if it means hacking together an ebuild to do it.

Now, onto mangling an lirc ebuild to build from CVS so it will hopefully build on a 2.6.33 kernel, then I can actually use this newly working system.  😛

I did post about it here so that others that were similarly clueless would know about it and I’m going to file a bug against xf86-video-ati so that x11-drivers/radeon-ucode is listed as an dependancy.

Here’s hoping this helps others as well.

~ by praetor on February 15, 2010.

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