Sick children

My wife and I have spent the past week dealing with sick children.  We found out Monday that our daughter has a viral infection that actually caused double ear infections.  I was shocked when I found that out, because she hasn’t been pulling or tugging on her ears like most children do in these situations.

Our kids are anything but normal.  😛    Our son was the same way, he never had the normal indicators of ear infections.  It wasn’t until his fever hadn’t broke for 24 hours and we took him in that we found out that’s what it was.  So, that our daughter isn’t showing those signs shouldn’t be a big surprise.

But whatever the virus is that has hit her, has also hit myself and possibly my son.  He’s had a cough off and on, which may be a different issue.  Myself, I’ve had to contend with drainage causing a sore throat and soon laryngitis.  My wife took off Friday and Saturday so our little girl didn’t have to go to daycare.  My turn came around Monday and Tuesday.  Today makes day #5 that I’ve been stuck at home with her.

While I love my daughter, being cooped up inside is driving me nuts.   With outside temps no higher than 20F, I don’t want to go anywhere with her and expose her to the elements.   The downside is, we’re staying inside, in the same house that already has our germs.  Which makes for a longer recovery time.

Friday, I joyfully return to work.  If nothing else, I’ll finally be in the company of adults and out of the house.  I suppose making money is a good thing too.  🙂

~ by praetor on February 11, 2010.

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