Whiteout – a rambling review

Meghann and I sat down to watch Whiteout last night.  We had expected it to be something sci-fi-ish or supernatural given Kate Beckinsale’s recent history of movies in that vein. Some of the trailers also helped feed into that belief.

Instead, what we were given was a murder mystery set in Antarctica.  Had I actually read the reviews or synopsis that were available for the movie, I’m sure I would have been relieved of that assumption and not been has disappointed with it as I had been.

The entire time, I was expecting aliens to land or someone to turn into a vampire.  Nothing!  Not so much as a whisper of aliens.  Down to the last few minutes, both of us expected something.

Now, ignoring that disappointment, I believe it to be a decent murder mystery.  I did enjoy the backdrop and representation of the Antarctic research station. I had watched a documentary on the station a few months previous and this seemed to follow that.

If you don’t expect anything sci-fi and are a Kate Beckinsale fan, I think you’ll enjoy it.  I’ll give a solid B.  😛

~ by praetor on January 21, 2010.

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