My first (shared) ebuild

Or, the first ebuild that I’ve actually shared with anyone.  🙂

I follow the aggregator on a regular basis since I use Gnome as my primary environment on most of my machines.  It’s fun and interesting reading what the developers are up to and it gives me a few interesting ideas of new pieces of software to try.

It was thanks to this post that I discovered Webilder.   While I’m not too fond of the name (it just looks wrong! :P) it does work nicely.  Since it didn’t appear to be in the official portage tree or in an overlay that I could find, I drafted my own ebuild.  And as I’d like to try and contribute something back to my distro of choice, I submitted it to the bugzilla for inclusion.

You can find the link here:  As pointed out in the bug, I’m going to look into getting it included into the Sunrise overlay.  Who knows, maybe someone else will find the ebuild useful!

~ by praetor on November 19, 2009.

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