Sacrificing principles

AMD recently released their libraries for video acceleration under linux.  Which is great, if you’re running the official Catalyst drivers.  One shouldn’t complain too much, nVidia’s VDPAU also requires the official binary blob to function, so it’s nothing new there.

My take is both of my MythTV frontends were built on AMD motherboards with integrated ATI 780/785G video solutions and I’ve made a concerted effort to stay as FLOSS on those to machines as much as possible.  However, running one of them at full 1080p means I get some occasional video playback issues since it’s using the CPU to decode everything.  If I switched to the Catalyst set, then those issues would (in theory) disappear almost immediately.

I say in theory because the libraries haven’t actually been implemented anywhere and there are some complaints of issues compiling them into mplayer.  Alternatively, I could keep waiting for the OSS drivers to mature and implement their own acceleration, but who knows when that would be.

On a side note, I’ve actually done a fairly good job of keeping as open as possible on my machines.  As of now, only the demon-xanth is using a binary driver-blob.  I have an Nvidia 8500 that I play games on, so I want working 3d acceleration there.  I also use the PUEL-licensed version of Virtualbox here, but I’ve had great success with the OSE edition on other machines.

~ by praetor on November 4, 2009.

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