Adventures in upgrading

So MythTV was upgraded to .22 release candidates in the past few weeks.  I had planned to wait until it was completely in portage before upgrading, but that ended up taking too long.  I took a week off for vacation expecting to spend that time upgrading and going through the bugs and basically stabilizing it on each of my frontends.  But it didn’t make it into the tree.

I considered using an overlay to build it, but he was using older, patched ebuilds from the SVN days.  I’ve made my own SVN ebuilds and used a few others in the past, but I wasn’t ready to commit Myth to that road.  So I waited.

Cardoe released it to the tree with a hardmask last week so last night, I took the plunge.

According to this bug, modifications were made to the eclasses to allow users to copy and modify the existing ebuilds to work with the new release.  Which was partially true. The mythtv-plugins.eclass checks for a 0.22 release, but not for the release candidate.  Emerge kept trying to build it using QT3 instead of QT4 and it obviously failed.

A quick hack to the eclass allowed my own custom ebuilds to merge and so far, everything is working fine.  I’m not going to bother filing a bug against the eclass since the final “official” release is so close, but I’m happy to see it working out so well.

~ by praetor on November 2, 2009.

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