The joys of being a single car family

Growing up, we only had one car.  My father was also the only one who drove, so it worked out.
When I met Meg, she didn’t drive.  There was some “traumatic event” that made her afraid to drive.  I couldn’t understand her reasoning behind it because she wasn’t the one who was behind the wheel.  Anyway.  When she learned to drive, we both used our gas-guzzling Durango to go everywhere.  Driving from Elkhorn to Bellevue in an SUV that got 13 MPG was a pain.

Her mom gave Meg her old car, so we became a two-car familiy.  It’s been great, we can go our seperate ways and not worry about it.   Now though, with Meg’s car out of comission due to poor maintenance or a lack of consideration by the “mechanic”, we’re down to one car.

(Yes, I quoted mechanic.  I use the term loosely here.)

It sucks waking up earlier than I want on my days off to round up the kids and drive Meg to work.  We’ve lost the freedom that we each had, the convenience.   But such is life.   We’ll get the funds soon enough to repair her car and we’ll be back in business.

For now, I’m going to pout.  😛

~ by praetor on August 12, 2009.

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