Work has been pissing me off more than usual lately.  Which is unfortunate since I do my best just to let it roll off and away.   I’ve taken a page from my boss and “woosah”-ed more than once.

My friend, mentor and current boss’s-boss, Scott, told me once that I shouldn’t hold other people to the same expectations that I do myself.  That I shouldn’t expect them to think like myself.  I took this as high praise because when I was in my former position, I was getting just as frustrated then as I am now.  When I was in the field, the work was just monotonous as it is now.  However, out there I was also getting upset at having to correct other people’s very stupid and very lazy mistakes.

That was one of the reasons I left the field.

This has been the week from hell.  My department was cut in half due to a reorganization and budget cuts, then it was cut in half again because of vacations and sick leave on Monday.  (Note that I’m not bashing anyone for taking their time off, just setting up the story.)  During that day, we were bombarded from every corner.  Nerves were razzled and we were frustrated.

Tuesday, one person returned.  Great, I thought. Now we’ve got someone else to help take the load off. Except that person didn’t.  That person barely carried their own weight that day.  Thirty minutes into my shift, I noticed this and got more than a little upset.

I wanted to scream and throw my computer to the floor, and then just cry.  I walked out and just sat for a few minutes.  That’s when I remembered Scott’s comments to me from before.  I shouldn’t expect people to think like me.

While it didn’t make me any happier about the situation, it made me able to just get through the day.  I left with several tickets untouched or unfinished, even after staying late.  I was yelled at several times by customers.  I still feel guilty about leaving the tickets.  I tossed and turned all night because of it.  That’s just who I am.

But I made it through the day.

Another rambling post.

~ by praetor on January 7, 2009.

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