There should be a warning: do not mix

Actually, I’m fairly certain there is.

I hit a small roadblock a few weeks ago with portage and mythtv.  I had noticed that there was a new unstable version in portage, but for some reason, I couldn’t install it.  I sync’d entirely too many times that day, updated eix at least a dozen times and still nothing.  Then I actually read the message saying that I had to have a verson of portage installed that supported EAPI-2.  Oops.

Yesterday, I decided to make the leap.  Mostly because I wanted an updated version of Banshee.   That was a mistake that took over an hour to figure out.

Running a stable arch with a few keyworded unstable packages can be a bad idea.  It causes problems.

But then again, I’d be bored if it weren’t for the problems.  😀

I still haven’t emerged the updated version of Banshee, I need to find which packages I need to unmask to allow that and stop causing conflicts.  Until then, I’ll stick with where I am.

~ by praetor on December 4, 2008.

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