Naming conventions

I am (obviously) human, and as such, I love to name things.  And people.  And pets.

I named our cat, I helped (re-)name my son’s middle name.   With some arguments, I compromised on my daughter’s first name but won on her middle name.  And I nicknamed my wife.  😛

So, it should come as no surprise that I’ve named my computers.  I’ve tried to keep a pattern to the scheme.  Desktops/servers are named after fictional locations.  Laptops and portable things get named after fictional people/characters.    Generally.

Currently, we have the following:

The Demon X(A/N)th is the primary server/workhorse.  So named after a character from Piers Anthony’s Xanth series.  (Technically, the land is Xanth and he is a demon. But I couldn’t just call it Xanth, it seemed wrong in my head)

Númenor is our current MythTV HD frontend that doubles as a vmware/virtualbox headless server playground.  Named after an island from the Lord of the Rings.  source

Atlantis is an older Socket-A MythTV frontend that struggles with HD.  I chose this name because of Stargate: Atlantis from on the SciFi channel.    The show deals with an expedition in the Pegasus galaxy that was originally stranded on an island-ship-thing.  It worked because the computer was originally connected to the network via wireless.   It’s now connected via 100 Mbit/s cat5e to the network.

Yggdrasil was so named after the Norse legend.  It originally was the primary server and backend for the network, but was replaced by the Demon-Xanth.   Since it served as the focal point, I believed the name fit.  Currently, it is relagated to a standby status.  With some additional storage, I plan on returning it to service as an encrypted rsync server, plus DNS LAMP duties.  This would allow me to boot into windows (ugh!) occasionally for some gaming on Xanth.

Prior to Yggdrasil, there was MaryJane.  So named after Mary Jane Watson-Parker.  She was the lone exception to the naming scheme.  Hawk of Applegeeks fame had posted a wallpaper that I fell in love with.  He apparently took the wallpaper down, but I saved it and keep it in rotation.  MaryJane and Yggdrasil were cousins of a sort.  Both had the same CPU and core chipset.  MJ was a pre-built machine though, while Yggdrasil was from kit.  MJ eventually went over to my mother’s house to replace her old machine.

As I mentioned before, laptops have had a similiar naming scheme.  Those get named after fictional people or characters.

Jabberwocky was a Dell XPS2 named after Lewis Carroll’s non-poem.  There was a TV version of Through the Looking Glass that stood out in my mind as being a fearsom beast.  I thought it was appropriate.

Meg’s original laptop was named Lucy, after her own nickname.  Kinda appropriate.  😛

Her second laptop I dubbed Prometheus.  I’m not quite sure how I came to that.  Prometheus brought fire to the mortal world.  You could say that since this was quite a leap from Meg’s first laptop, this would be her fire.   Plus, this is how I got her to run linux exclusively.  😀

I was given an old (ancient!) Dell CPi laptop that I had originally fought tooth and nail to get Windows XP on for a friend of mine.  Originally, it had an off-brand power pack and a 3 gig hard drive and a modular floppy.  the V key was missing and the battery wouldn’t hold a charge.  It didn’t have a built in nic and only one USB port.  I spent a month and a half fight with trying to get XP on it.

He gave it to me to keep when it refused to turn on, it just wasn’t worth the hassle for him to get it working.  Since it was now mine, I decided to try and get linux on it.

I paid shipping for a replacement power brick (the guy gave it to me free otherwise) just to see if that really was the problem.  When I found that it was, I started moving forward.   I spent $15 on a CD drive (I should have spent an extra $10 for a DVD), dug out a PCMCIA NIC and a D-Link Wireless nic.

It boots fine using the Gentoo (of course!) 2005.0 cd.  What I’ve done is build the system in an i586 chroot on the Demon Xanth, compressed the system and copied it over via a usb stick.

It’s a lot slow, but hey, it works.  And it only cost me ~$20 total to get up and running.

Finally, we’ve got the newest addition.  I think I’m going to call it P-Chan.   It’s an NSLU2 that I bought on a random whim.  I’ll figure out what to do with it later…..

~ by praetor on November 29, 2008.

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