And here I was hoping to get out of my mortgage

From the New York Times via the Consumerist.

I’ve had decent experiences with Citi.   I’m less than thrilled that they don’t offer an autopayment option on my Sears card, but whatever.

Last month, when the service broker announced that they had purchased our mortgage, my interest was piqued.  Their statement was all nice and shiny and detailed exactly where my money was going.  I’m not sure if all loan companies provide that information as this is our first mortgage.

And when Citi appeared to be one of the few banks that wasn’t going under, I was happy.

Then their stock fell what, $230 billion in a few weeks?  Wow.  Our lovely government has given them a loan to keep them afloat.  I guess there goes my hope that I’d get a free house.  😛

~ by praetor on November 24, 2008.

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