MacGuyver would be proud

When we moved into the house, the found that the previous owners had left the speaker mounts on the ceiling.   “Great,” I thought.  “That will save me some time and money trying buying and mounting my speakers!”

Or, so I thought.

A little bit of backstory.  A few years back, I won a $300 gift card to Best Buy as part of a promotion at work.  I wasn’t aware of the competition or that I was even entered, but hey.  I won it and the money was mine.  I took it to Best Buy and bought a home theater package.  A Yamaha receiver, a JBL subwoofer (now quasi-dead) and 5 JBL speakers.

These speakers have what seems to be a proprietary mounting system that didn’t occur to me until after I had brought them home.  I bought some cheap speaker stands and zip-tied them to the stand.  No big.

Back to the present.  The proprietary mounting-system has suddenly kicked me in the ass.  Normal speakers apparently support a standard system that these mounts use as well.  I’ve spent the past 2 months listening to my tv and movies in MONO SOUND.   Not cool at all.

I’ve been trying to think of a way I could get it to work this entire time without any brilliant ideas.  Tonight, I went to Lowe’s and wandered around before I found something similiar to this.  A fairly light-weight steel metal cover.   With some washers and nuts, I was able to attach them to the speaker mounts.

Now my speakers have a place to sit on!   Not exactly how it should look, but it’s a cheap and easy hack!

Go me!  😎

~ by praetor on November 19, 2008.

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