Birthday presents!

Meg picked up the game Spore for my birthday.   I finally installed it
yesterday and had a blast playing.  I was honestly surprised to see
that it installed under linux without too many issues.

The first cell stage is almost a no-brainer considering how easy it is.   Monkey and I had fun playing that.  I think that he’d actually be able to play that stage on his own without any issues.    I did have a few crashes on the creature stage, enough so that I became frustrated and quit playing for the day.

Graphics are beautiful, gameplay is fun so far.  I approve.

Originally, I didn’t want a copy due to EA’s Digital Rights Management (DRM) allowances.  But, Meg gave it to me as a present and I couldn’t resist. 

I love my wife.  😀

~ by praetor on October 26, 2008.

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