78 Days and counting!

With a projected due date of 26 October, we’re looking at 78 days until baby Kaitlyn Alexis arrives in the world.

Meg believes that she’ll come early. Since she is my daughter, I say she’ll be right on time. Give or take a day, obviously. Predicting due dates is such an inexact science.

In other news, I found out our lawyer is still alive. I actually spoke with him for the first time in >6 months. I’ve placed a call every month for the past 9-10 months and most times I only speak with the secretary/receptionist/assistant and am always promised one of them will call me back.

Anyway, he’s still waiting on someone to call him back to let him know what hoops we have left to jump through. He promised to call me back today with an update. We’ll see.

I wouldn’t be so antsy if it weren’t for the fact that he told us this process would take 3-6 months. This was in February 2007.

~ by praetor on July 31, 2008.

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