My favourite mistake

I was feeling grumpy the other day and decided to revive a pet project of mine from a very long time ago.  Creating a soundtrack to my life.

I believe everyone has one, songs that remind them of certain events, brings back some emotion or memory of what happened long ago.

I’ve given Meg two songs so far for us.  Sheryl Crow – My Favourite Mistake, mostly for the title.  😀   It sounds wrong, but there is a history and a reason for this.  The content isn’t exactly what I would choose, but I’ve yet to find something else that works.

The second is Blue October – Calling You.

Theres something that i cant quite explain
i’m so in love with you
you’ll never take that away

and if i said a hundred times before
expect a thousand more
you never take that away

… i thought that the world had lost its sway
(its so hard sometimes)
then i fell in love with you
(then came you)
and you took that away
(its not so difficult, the world is not so difficult)
you take away the old
show me the new
and i feel like i can fly
when i stand next to you
so what if I’m on this phone
a hundred miles from home
i take the words you gave
and send them back to you

There are a few songs surrounding the events of our lives together so far, but these two immediately stand out as belonging to both of us.

Any other suggestions?   I’ll post portions of the playlist sometime in the future…

~ by praetor on July 4, 2008.

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