My son and bedtime

Right now, it’s about 9:30. My son’s bedtime has been 8:30 ever since he has had the need for one. Over the past 6-7 months, he’s taken to pushing that.

Arguably, he is tucked in, sometimes read a bedtime story and left with his door closed (so the cat doesn’t get in) and lights off every night at the same time. He loves to come out randomly either to use the facilities (a good reason) or to claim he’s had a nightmare (after being left alone for 5 min) or to tell Meghann and I he loves us (how do you say no to that?) or to tell us a story.

Tonight, he came out to share with me his latest revelation.

“Monkey and funkey RHYME!” (for the un-enlightened)

I had to laugh.

~ by praetor on June 24, 2008.

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