Soon to be 6 year olds

My son turns 6 this Sunday. This is a big deal, he’s going to be 6. Not content with being 5, he is marching onto a new frontier.

Meg and I had planned to do a party at Chuck E Cheese’s. Unfortunately, they turned out to be too expensive. $10/child, minimum 4 kids. Living in an apartment has left my son with a dearth of children his age to hang out with. We could have invited his cousins over, except for the small fact that they’re all going to be at another birthday party.

Which brings me to point two. Meg’s cousin’s son turned two last week. Instead of celebrating his birthday then, they decided to do it on Sunday. My son’s birthday. Seriously, WTF. And then she had the audacity to say “Oh, Aden can come and he can invite a few of his friends too so they can celebrate both their parties!”

Translation: More people to celebrate the other kids’ birthday. Screw that.

Soon, we’ll have a house. We will live in a neighborhood with some kids. He will make friends his own age that can come over for sleepovers and parties and what-not. Not soon enough though.

~ by praetor on June 11, 2008.

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